Interra®Scan: Empowering Growers to Understand and Improve Soil Health


Interra®Scan is a groundbreaking soil analysis service that empowers growers to make informed decisions about their soil management. The service focuses on essential elements such as traditional NPK fertilizer parameters, pH, Magnesium, Calcium, Carbon, Sodium, Humus, organic matter, and other trace elements. Its value lies in its simplicity and ease of use. Growers can easily understand the results, allowing for actionable insights and smart farming decisions.

The service provides in-depth analysis once every 3.5 years. This regular soil check-up offers the opportunity for growers to adapt their soil management to the current conditions, improving crop health and yield. Additionally, as the analysis is conducted by an external company, growers are assured of an objective assessment. By choosing Interra®Scan, farmers will have access to a comprehensive analysis that will give them the knowledge they need to nurture their soil. Find out more about the offered service levels here